§ 30.05  MEETINGS.
   (A)   Regular meetings; adjourned meetings. The regular stated meetings of the City Council shall be held in the City Hall building on the first and third Monday in each month, at 7:00 p.m. When the meeting date falls upon a legal holiday, the meeting shall be held on the Tuesday following at the same hour and place, unless otherwise designated. Adjourned meetings may be held at such times as may be determined by the Aldermen.
   (B)   Special meetings. Special meetings of the City Council may be called by the Mayor or any three Aldermen by giving at least 48-hours’ actual notice to the Mayor and each Alderman.
   (C)   Committee meetings shall be scheduled on days and times as determined by the City Council.  In all respects, committee meetings shall comply with the Open Meetings Act ILCS Ch. 5, Act 120, §§ 1 et seq.
(1999 Code, § 30.05)  (Ord. 821, passed 7-18-1977; Ord. 857, passed 3-6-1978; Ord. 1063, passed 7-18-1983; Ord. 3180, passed 6-16-2003; Ord. 3784, passed 12-3-2012; Ord. 3939, passed 6-20-2016)
   Procedures for recording closed sessions, see §§ 30.20 through 30.27
Statutory reference:
   Meetings, see ILCS Ch. 65, Act 5, § 3.1-40-25