(A)   The Director shall submit to the Air Force a copy of development applications for properties within the AO District as graphically shown on § 158.416 (“Process Chart”) of this chapter and implemented as follows.
      (1)   AO-2 District. If the application or impact is on property within the AO-2 District, all development applications relating thereto, shall be sent to Scott AFB for review.
      (2)   AO-1, AO-3 and AO-4 Districts. If the application or impact is in an AO District subarea other than the AO-2 District, development applications that meet one of the following criteria shall be sent to Scott AFB for review:
         (a)   Increase of an existing structure or construction of a new structure whose height is 100 feet or higher above the ground level of the runway. Towers, antennas, lighting, silos or any similar structures that are 100 feet above the ground level of the runway or higher shall be subject to review;
         (b)   Request for any outdoor lighting applications, temporary lighting, obstruction marking or lighting, and illuminated signs that do not meet the lighting standards established within the AO-1 District Lighting, § 158.353 of this chapter;
         (c)   Application for a human-made use that could attract high levels of birds or wildlife, such as retention ponds, roosting habitats on buildings, landscaping, putrescible-waste disposal operations, wastewater treatment plants and surface mining;
         (d)   Application for a use or permit that could create electrical interference with navigational signals or radio communications between Scott AFB and MidAmerica St. Louis Airport and aircraft, including emergency and public safety communications systems, power lines, transformers, television broadcast and radio transmitters and telecommunication towers; and
         (e)   Applications for a use or permit that could create air-borne emissions or materials limiting visibility such as smoke, steam, dust, gases or projectiles of any type.
   (B)   The Director shall send all appropriate development applications, as determined in the above section, to the Air Force for review. Applications can be mailed to:
   Base Community Planner
   375 CES/CEAO
   702 Hangar Road, Bldg 56
   Scott AFB IL 62225-5035
   (C)   Optional Consultation with MidAmerica St. Louis Airport: for any development application within the Height Restriction Zone, Airport Overlay (AO-3) District or the Noise Zones, Airport Overlay (AO-4) District, the Director may choose to mail and/or email notice to the MidAmerica St. Louis Airport at:
   Director, Engineering & Planning
   MidAmerica St. Louis Airport
   9768 Airport Boulevard, Box 3
   Mascoutah, IL 62258
(Ord. 3718, passed 6-20-2011)