All landscaping, screening and buffering shall meet the following minimum requirements.
   (A)   Tracts of land in the downtown area are exempt from the landscaped parkway requirements.
   (B)   Pedestrian access between developments and in parking lots is encouraged to provide safe and uninterrupted pedestrian access to on-site principal uses and adjacent uses, where appropriate.
   (C)   All portions of the site not covered with paving or buildings shall be landscaped. Open areas not covered with other materials shall be covered with turf or ground cover.
   (D)   All areas required to be landscaped shall be covered in plant material or other pervious materials in accordance with this subchapter or as approved by the Director. Plantings shall include trees, shrubs, ground cover, perennials, grasses, decorative rock, mulch, sod or other natural materials excluding gravel, aggregate, paving and other road surfacing materials.
   (E)   Required landscape and buffer areas shall contain no driveways, structures, parking areas, patios, storm water detention facilities or any other structures or accessory uses except for the following:
      (1)   Retaining walls or earthen berms constructed as part of an overall landscape design;
      (2)   Pedestrian-oriented facilities such as sidewalks and bus stops;
      (3)   Underground utilities;
      (4)   Required vehicular access/driveways through a required buffer or landscape area may be allowed as a condition of site plan approval;
      (5)   Signs otherwise permitted by this chapter; and
      (6)   Buffer areas may contain fences, walls or earthen berms constructed to provide the visual screening required to meet the standards of § 158.168 of this chapter.
   (F)   All required landscaping shall adhere to applicable requirements of §§ 155.070 through 155.076 and App. A of Ch. 155 of this code, including, but not limited to, spacing, diversity, installation, minimum size and type. In addition, bushes shall be installed with minimum size of 24-inch, balled and burlapped or five-gallon container size.
(Ord. 3474, passed 9-5-2006)