In addition to the signs authorized without a sign permit pursuant to § 158.163 of this chapter, each of the following types of signs may be placed or erected on residential zoning lots with a sign permit, subject to the other applicable restrictions provided herein.
   (A)   Subdivision entry signs. At each major entrance to a residential development, residential development identification structures designed to identify a residential subdivision, apartment complex or planned unit development, containing no commercial advertising, and having a sign area not to exceed 40 square feet and not to exceed ten feet in height. Such signs or structures cannot be located on any public rights-of-way or within the sight distance triangle of intersecting streets. The sign and structure shall be located within an outlot or sign easement.
   (B)   Temporary subdivision promotion signs. One directional sign for sales of lots or houses located on-site within a subdivision is allowable on any zoning lot within such subdivision, and one additional such sign located outside the subdivision for subdivisions of 25 or more lots, provided that the following conditions have been met.
      (1)   The approved final plat of the subdivision must contain five or more lots.
      (2)   Such signs shall not exceed 32 square feet in area, nor exceed ten feet in height above the average existing finished grade. A sign exceeding 32 square feet, but not more than 64 square feet, of sign face area may be approved only with the consent of the City Council.
      (3)   An approved sign permit has been obtained for the sign and the sign is posted off public rights-of-way and only with written permission of the property owner.
      (4)   The sign must be removed when building permits have been issued for 75% or more of the lots within the subdivision.
      (5)   Any off-site sign shall be permitted only at such locations approved by the City Council that do not impair safety, visibility from neighboring properties and are landscaped or otherwise treated to be compatible with the surrounding neighborhood.
   (C)   Temporary flags. One residential subdivision promotion flag (e.g., avenue banner or flag for subdivisions and the like) for every ten feet of street frontage, with a maximum of ten flags, shall be authorized within 50 feet of the residential subdivision street entrance of a newly platted subdivision that contains 25 or more new lots. Each such flag shall not exceed 35 square feet, with a pole height not to exceed 20 feet. Such subdivision promotion flags may be displayed for a period not to exceed 24 months and only during the 24-month period following the initial issuance of a residential building permit within such subdivision. One extension may be requested beyond such time period and such request may be granted by the City Council and shall not exceed 12 months.
(Ord. 623, passed 9-8-1970; Ord. 3786, passed 12-17-2012)