(A)   General. Every sign enumerated below that complies with the indicated requirements, unless otherwise stated, may be erected on any zoning lot within the city, without a sign permit; provided, such signs comply with all other applicable requirements of this subchapter. The area of such signs shall not be debited against the sign area allowance. Except where otherwise expressly provided, no sign authorized by this section shall be placed on a vacant property.
      (1)   Flags. Up to three flags containing no commercial message, such as flags of nations, an organization of nations; states; cities; and fraternal, religious and civic organizations. Flag lengths shall not exceed ten feet, with a pole height not to exceed 35 feet. Flag poles exceeding 35 feet may be permitted as a special use and shall be subject to sign application, permit and inspection requirements. No sign permit shall be required for flagpoles under 35 feet in height. Flags shall be removed upon becoming faded, weathered or tattered.
      (2)   Monuments. Statues, artwork and historical monuments and also commemorative tablets and monument citations of less than ten square feet that are an integral part of a permanent structure.
      (3)   Address and residential occupant signs. One permanently affixed sign per street frontage containing address numbers and/or residential occupant identification located on the zoning lot, including vacant properties, to which the sign pertains. Such signs shall not exceed three square feet in area for single-family dwellings, nor six square feet for multiple-family dwellings.
      (4)   Temporary non-commercial signs. One or more signs made of paper, cardboard or other lightweight materials with comparable temporary stakes or support materials designed for temporary display of non- commercial messages, except as provided below, including, but not limited to, political issue signs, electioneering signs, charitable or public interest signs, or other similar types of signs typically found in residential areas may be placed within any non-vacant zoning lot with the property owner’s consent. The aggregate area of all temporary non-commercial signs (counting only one face if double-sided) on a single lot shall be no greater than 18 square feet. No individual sign may exceed six and one-quarter square feet in area. Temporary signs must be removed before they become faded or deteriorated, but in no event shall such temporary signs remain longer than 60 days. However, outdoor political campaign signs are permitted as of right during any period of time pursuant to state law.
      (5)   Temporary non-commercial signs; garage sales. A temporary sign not exceeding six and one-quarter square feet in area used to advertise garage sales or other lawful commercial activity on residential zoning lots shall also be permitted, but may be posted for no longer than three days at a time, up to four times per year.
      (6)   Temporary construction and home improvement signs. Construction signs identifying the architects, engineers, contractors and other individuals or firms involved with the construction, and/or announcing the character or purpose of the work or building, but not advertising any product. Commercial properties shall be limited to two such signs, each not to exceed 32 square feet in area nor eight feet in height unless otherwise approved by City Council. Residential properties shall be limited to one such sign not to exceed six and one-quarter square feet in area. Such temporary signs shall be confined to the site of the construction and may be installed following city issuance of a building permit, or start of construction. Signs shall be removed within 14 days of initial occupancy or completion of the project. Temporary construction signs may also be installed following approval of a commercial use, but if after six months construction has not commenced, the sign(s) must be removed unless otherwise authorized by the city.
      (7)   Real estate signs.
         (a)   Signs indicating the sale, rental or lease of the zoning lot on which they are located, including vacant properties. Such signs on residential property shall not exceed six and one-quarter square feet in area; on other property, such signs shall not exceed 32 square feet in area. Not more than one real estate sign per street front shall be erected on any lot. Such signs shall be removed within 14 days of the sale, rental or lease of such lot. Real estate open house directional signs are permitted on weekends only from 12:00 p.m., Friday, through 6:00 p.m., Sunday, with the maximum size for each such sign being six and one-quarter square feet in area. Such real estate signs and directional signs shall be in lieu of and count against the amount of signage permitted for temporary signs authorized for the subject zoning lot.
         (b)   In addition to the real estate signage allowed above, lots located adjacent to and having frontage along Interstate 64 are permitted one real estate sign not to exceed 120 square feet in sign area.
      (8)   Property regulation signs. Signs such as no trespassing, no hunting, no fishing and the like, so long as such signs do not exceed three square feet in area, including vacant properties, and which shall count against any temporary signage amount permitted.
      (9)   Utility signs. Utility company signs that serve as an aid to public safety or that show the location of public telephones, and/or underground cables, and underground pipes and pipelines. Signs greater than one square foot shall require a sign permit and shall be permitted only if the need for the size is demonstrated by evidence of industry or safety standards.
      (10)   Scoreboards. Scoreboards on athletic fields, subject to inspections and other permits required by city ordinance (e.g., electrical permits).
      (11)   Other signs. Any other sign required by law to be allowed in all districts and not otherwise authorized by this chapter as so required; provided that, a sign permit shall be required to the extent not inconsistent with such applicable law.
   (B)   Temporary signs; all non-residential zoning lots. In lieu of such temporary non-commercial signs as are permitted without a sign permit elsewhere in this section, each establishment may display one temporary sign made of paper, cardboard or other lightweight materials with comparable support materials designed for temporary display of messages under this division (B) without a permit. Such temporary sign may be displayed on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays, as well as Monday when it is a federally-recognized holiday. Such temporary sign shall not exceed 24 square feet if affixed to the building wall or six square feet if affixed to the ground. Such temporary sign must be located entirely on the zoning lot where the establishment is located and must be outside of the sight distance triangle.
(Ord. 623, passed 9-8-1970; Ord. 3587, passed 9-15-2008; Ord. 3786, passed 12-17-2012; Ord. 3857, passed 1-20-2015)