(A)   The mere issuance of a special use permit gives no vested rights to the permit holder.
   (B)   A right to continue a specially permitted use shall vest only if the project is constructed and the use actually begun, and only for as long as may be specified in the permit.
   (C)   The right to continue the special use that was permitted prior to the effective date of this chapter shall last only as long as specified by the special use permit.
   (D)   As of the effective date of this chapter, existing permits shall be subject to the provisions for transferability as expressed in this chapter.
   (E)   Uses that are allowed without a special use permit prior to the effective date of this chapter, but are designated as special uses in this chapter, shall be allowed to continue as non-conforming uses if the requirements of §§ 158.240 through 158.243, 158.255 through 158.257 and 158.270 through 158.282 of this chapter are satisfied.
(Ord. 3382, passed 11-7-2005)