The term “site plan” shall include the following required plans.
   (A)   Preliminary site plan (concept plan). A preliminary site plan is a development plan showing uses and structures proposed for a parcel or parcels of land as required by § 158.053 of this chapter. The preliminary site plan is required to depict conceptual development plans for purposes of approval of a planned or special use.
   (B)   Final site plan (improvement plans). A final site plan is required to approve the final site requirements as set forth in § 158.054 of this chapter. Final site plan approval is required prior to the following activities:
      (1)   The grading of any site for development or the issuance of any building permit for any new principal structure, including building and/or parking lot expansion, regardless of type of use;
      (2)   A change in the type of occupancy of a property as defined in the city’s adopted building codes and that would also require a building permit; or
      (3)   Any other change in any principal or accessory use of a property as determined by the Director.
   (C)   Sketch site plan (one- and two-family plot plan).
      (1)   A sketch site plan is required in lieu of a preliminary site plan and final site plan for the construction or improvements of a single-family detached structure, single-family attached villa or a duplex. At a minimum, a sketch plan shall depict all proposed improvements to the site, limits of the parcel, building setbacks, easements, finished floor elevations, all existing uses located on the site and other such information as may be needed to verify compliance with all other laws and regulations of the city.
      (2)   Sketch plans shall be approved administratively in the manner provided for site plans for permitted uses. No building permit shall be effective until a required sketch plan has been approved.
(Ord. 3463, passed 7-17-2006)