(A)   Application submittal requirements. Unless otherwise required in this chapter or by the Director, the following items must be submitted to the city for an application to be considered complete (the quantities and formatting requirements of each item shall be detailed in an application packet to be provided by the city):
      (1)   Site plan application, completed and signed in such form as provided by the Director;
      (2)   Site plan application fee;
      (3)   Consultant site plan review payment responsibility form;
      (4)   Site plan review fee deposit;
      (5)   Proof of ownership;
      (6)   Proof of public notice intent as required by the city;
      (7)   Preliminary site plan;
      (8)   Building and accessory structure elevations;
      (9)   Sign concept;
      (10)   Preliminary utilities studies and plans as may be required by the city;
      (11)   Preliminary drainage report as may be required by the city;
      (12)   Written narrative explaining the overall development plan proposed by the preliminary site plan, including proposed uses, densities, open space areas, public land dedications areas, trails, public area landscaping, roadways, utility services and other required improvements. Include analysis relating the preliminary site plan to the review and approval criteria set forth in this subchapter; and
      (13)   Additional information as may be requested by the city including, but not limited to, traffic impact study, access management plan, geologic hazard study, environmental impact report, historic inventory study and data which estimates and documents how the project will affect population, employment, schools, parks, streets, utilities, public safety and other city services as applicable.
   (B)   Preliminary site plan formatting requirements. The Community Development Department shall maintain a policy memorandum approved by the Director specifying and describing the formatting requirements, content, scales, sizes and quantity required for submission of the preliminary site plan, landscaping plan, architectural elevations and sign concept. The policy memorandum shall include the following:
      (1)   Detailed list of information necessary for the city to complete an adequate review of the requirements described in § 158.055(D) of this chapter;
      (2)   Site plans may include, but are not limited to, the following items: names of adjacent property owners, property boundaries, utilities, easements, existing and proposed grading extending beyond the property line, floodplain, natural features, structures, roads and right-of-ways, parking, phasing, lighting, legal description and summary tables, or other such information as required to determine compliance with city laws and regulations;
      (3)   All preliminary site plans shall bear the seal of a professional engineer (P.E.) or other such professional certification and seals as the city may require. Requirement for P.E. certification may be exempt under unusual circumstances as determined by the Director; and
      (4)   The Director shall have the authority to modify the policy memorandum as need arises in order for the city to better review an application’s adherence and appropriateness to the requirements of § 158.055(D) of this chapter.
   (C)   Duration of validity (preliminary site plans). Unless a shorter time is otherwise specified, an approved preliminary site plan shall be valid for a period of 12 months from the date of such approval for planned uses and special uses. The City Council may grant one extension not exceeding 12 months upon written request. If a final site plan is not approved prior to the final expiration of preliminary site plan, a new preliminary site plan shall be required subject to the city’s current submission criteria and approval process as provided herein. Grading and construction permits shall not be issued prior to the approval of the final site plan.
(Ord. 3463, passed 7-17-2006)