(A)   Special events as defined in § 118.01 of this chapter require a special events permit.
   (B)   An application for a special events permit must be filed with the City Clerk not less than three weeks prior to the first day of the special event. The City Clerk will coordinate review of the permit with affected city departments. Cost for permit issuance is $50 for “for profit” applicants. There will be no permit charge for non-profit organizations. Proof shall be provided of non-profit status.
   (C)   With each special events permit application, the applicant must also provide the following related information (if applicable):
      (1)   Traffic and parking plan (parking area; street closing or one-way restrictions; traffic control points where police assistance may be needed; overflow parking areas); anticipated crowds; estimated attendance;
      (2)   Contingency plans for rain (relocation or rescheduling of events; alternative parking areas; method of notifying the public of changes);
      (3)   Proof of liability insurance; and if the event is held on city property, the city should be named as an additional insured in the amount of $1,000,000;
      (4)   Damage bond or cash deposit to protect city facilities (this would be mainly for out-of-town sponsors) in the amount of $500,000;
      (5)   Health permits for all food concessions;
      (6)   Liquor license information for beer sales (including hours of sale);
      (7)   Plans for toilet facilities;
      (8)   A list of for-profit vendors and sales tax numbers (to verify that sales tax is collected and remitted) to be provided prior to event;
      (9)   A security plan;
      (10)   ADA compliance;
      (11)   The name and phone number for the person in charge of the event and a secondary contact; and
      (12)   Special consideration requests, i.e., city-provided assistance requested (Street Department, IDOT) (for street closings, signalization and detour routes), Parks Department, Police, Fire and EMS support), being as specific as possible (fees may be charged for these services).
   (D)   Temporary signs for said special event shall be permitted as provided for in the sign ordinance of the city or as otherwise approved by the City Council.
   (E)   Electrical inspections are required for all exterior electrical connections. The City Electrical Inspector must be contacted a minimum of 24 hours prior to inspection.
(1999 Code, § 118.02)  (Ord. 1818, passed 1-29-1996; Ord. 1917, passed 6-2-1997; Ord. 3663, passed 4-19-2010)  Penalty, see § 10.99