The following shall apply to “solicitors” and “solicitation” defined in § 111.02.
   (A)   A charitable organization which is either based in the city or maintains a business or office in the city shall, through its representatives and or members, be permitted to solicit at the intersections of the city streets without obtaining a solicitor’s permit, but shall be required to register with the City Clerk and provide the following information:
      (1)   Name address and telephone number of the group or organization;
      (2)   Name address and telephone number a contact person for the group or organization;
      (3)   The purpose of the solicitations to be conducted in the city;
      (4)   A list of the names of the persons acting on behalf of the group or organization; and
      (5)   Provide proof of compliance with the Solicitation for Charity Act, ILCS Ch. 225, Act 460, §§ 0.01 et seq, if applicable.
   (B)   Solicitation shall be allowed only under the following conditions.
      (1)   Solicitations may only be set up at intersections controlled by stop signs and as designated by the Director of Public Safety. They are not permitted at intersections controlled by electronic traffic signals.
      (2)   A construction type barricade shall be placed in the center of each street where an individual is soliciting. Individuals shall remain behind the barricade at all times. With advanced coordination, the barricades may be available from the City Public Works Department. In any event, the barricade shall be a minimum of 36 inches high and 24 inches wide.
      (3)   Each individual participating in the event shall be at least 16 years of age and will wear a reflective vest.
      (4)   The charitable organization or corporation shall be liable for any injuries to any person or property during the solicitation which is causally related to an act of ordinary negligence of the solicitor; shall hold the city harmless from any claim of said person(s); shall provide the city with evidence that the charitable organization is insured for $1,000,000 through an insurance company licensed to do business in the state and has named the city as an additional insured.
      (5)   The solicitor shall comply with § 111.09 of this chapter.
      (6)   Solicitation may be conducted on weekends only. For the purpose of this section, a WEEKEND shall mean Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
      (7)   The applicant shall be entitled to solicit a total of two non-consecutive weekends in any calendar year.
      (8)   The solicitation shall take place on no more than two days of the weekend with the total hours of solicitation, per weekend, not exceed eight hours. The applicant may divide this time over the two-day period.
      (9)   Solicitation will not be permitted on the consecutive weekends whether by the same or different applicant. However should weather or other unforeseen circumstances prevent the charitable organization from conducting their scheduled solicitation, the city shall have the discretion to permit the applicant to conduct a solicitation on another weekend even if the solicitation would result in a solicitation taking place on consecutive weekends.
      (10)   Solicitation will be permitted only between one-half hour after sunrise and one-half hour before sunset.
(Ord. 3775, passed 9-4-2012; Ord. 4110, passed 9-3-2019)  Penalty, see § 111.99