(A)   Street cleaning. It shall be unlawful to park any vehicle on any public street or portion thereof in the city at any time when such street is being cleaned. Signs indicating such cleaning shall be posted before the work is done.
   (B)   Snow removal. Refer to §§ 72.40 through 72.42 of this chapter.
   (C)   Parking of certain vehicles restricted.  It shall be unlawful to park any commercial vehicle, truck, except those commonly referred to as "pick-up" trucks, any motor vehicle having a gross vehicle weight of more than 10,000 pounds or GVWR of more than 12,000 pounds and/or an overall length of more than 21 feet, trailer, semitrailer, travel trailers, or boats attached or unattached to vehicles on any street, except during loading and unloading, and that any commercial vehicle parked or stopped for the purpose of pick-up or delivery of residents and/or personal property for a period not to exceed eight hours shall be exempt. Fire Department vehicles, ambulances, and vehicles owned or used by the city are exempt.
(1999 Code, § 72.14)  (Ord. 831, passed 11-7-1977; Ord. 1048, passed 2-23-1983; Ord. 1799, passed 11-20-1995; Ord. 3041, passed 1-16-2001; Ord. 3846, passed 11-3-2014)  Penalty, see § 72.99