(A)   Fire main extensions. Upon proper application made by the applicant in triplicate to the City Water Department, the City Council shall, upon vote of a majority, issue a special permit to the applicant for the connection of a minimum six-inch service pipe to be attached to the street main of the City Water Department and extend onto the applicant’s property; the main shall be for the primary purpose of providing fire protection to the property, and shall not be used for private purposes other than fire protection, unless the lateral extensions are properly metered and approved by the City Water Department.
   (B)   Expense of fire main. The expense of installation of all service mains as heretofore mentioned, shall be at the expense of the applicant, and further, the maintenance of all service mains shall be at the expense of the applicant; provided that, all work done on the service mains from the street main to the property line shall be done by and under the direction of the City Water Department.
   (C)   Fire connection charges. The charges for the installation of special connections for fire protection shall be as follows:
Per Annum
Type of installation
Outside City Limits
Inside City Limits
Automatic sprinkler connections (minimum charge)
Automatic sprinkler heads (each)
Fire hydrant with or without steamer nozzle (each)
Hose connections, other than fire hydrant openings (minimum charge)
Hose connections, other than fire hydrant openings, 2 in diameter or less (each)
Hose connections, other than fire hydrant openings, 2-1/2 in diameter (each)
(1999 Code, § 52.107)  (Ord. 692, passed 5-15-1972; Ord. 1091, passed 2-6-1984)