(A)   The plat shall be submitted by the City Clerk to the Director of Public Works for determination of the size and lengths of water main installation, location of fire hydrants, water service valves and other appurtenances to be installed based upon the following requirements.
      (1)   Mains shall be sized so that fire protection service may be rendered to all lots or premises to be served by the main and any possible extension thereof.
      (2)   Fire hydrants shall be so located that no premises will be more than 400 feet from a fire hydrant.
      (3)   In determining the length of pipe lines to be installed to serve a subdivision or main extension, the main shall be extended to fully cover the front of the property and if the last lot to be served is a corner lot or a lot immediately adjacent to a corner lot, the terminal point of the extension made hereunder shall be located so that the main laid hereunder ties with the existing main located in the intersecting street; and, further provided that, if there is no main located on the intersecting street, or no intersecting street, the terminal point of the extension made hereunder shall be located at the nearest street line of the intersecting street, or extend to the furthest end of the development.
      (4)   The city may require the proposed main to be connected to its distribution system at a point which, in its judgment, is necessary to adequately furnish water to premises to be served and nothing herein shall require the city to allow connection to the closest point of existing service, if such service is inadequate for the extension proposed. Main trunk lines may be installed by the city at no cost to the developer, however, lots or properties fronting directly thereon which may be served by a service connection to the main will be charged the average amount per connection as found in subdivisions currently being constructed.
      (5)   The city reserves the right to further extend its water mains from and beyond the terminus of each water main extension made under this chapter. The applicant or the applicant’s agent paying for an extension shall not be entitled to any refund for the attaching of customers to any further extension or branch mains so involved.
      (6)   Extensions made under this rule shall be and remain the property of the city.
      (7)   Before the city mains will be laid hereunder in any new subdivision, it is understood and agreed that the road surface will be brought to the extended sub-grade and the applicant developer of such new subdivision shall furnish the city with a right-of-way agreement in suitable form to the city, unless the streets of the new subdivision have been dedicated to public use.
      (8)   When a pipe line is to be installed in a paved or unpaved street, a service line of three-fourths inch Type “K” copper is to be provided to the centerline of each lot for a one-family dwelling. The service line is to terminate at a point three to five feet inside the property line in a meter box.
   (B)   When a business or an apartment house is to be serviced, one should contact the Water Department to obtain the proper size for the service.
(1999 Code, § 52.101)  (Ord. 3784, passed 12-3-2012)