(A)   The established rates for the sale of water within the corporate limits of the City of Fairview Heights are as follows:
      (1)   First 2,000 gallons per month or less: $9.11 per 1,000 gallons;
      (2)   Next 6,000 gallons per month or less: $10.06 per 1,000 gallons;
      (3)   Next 240,000 gallons per month or less: $9.33 per 1,000 gallons; and
      (4)   All over 248,000 gallons per month: $7.31 per 1,000 gallons.
   (B)   The minimum charge to all customers supplied through a five-eighths-inch, three-fourths- inch or one-inch meter shall be $18.22 per month, with a proportionate charge for meters of larger size, based upon the area of the outlet opening of the meter, and shall apply as a service charge, whether or not water is used during the period, as follows:
Size of Meter (inches)
Minimum Charge (per month)
Minimum Monthly Consumption (gallons)
   (C)   The city reserves the right to establish the size of the meter to be used for water service to any building or premises within its system; however, all meters shall be minimally sized to meet the requirements of the most current version of the Illinois Plumbing Code.
   (D)   The usage rate shall be subject to increase effective on each annual anniversary, beginning October 2021, based upon the annual increase in the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Consumer Price Index, All Urban Consumers, U.S. City Average, Water and Sewer Maintenance, or comparable index if the same is no longer published, for the month of May.
   (E)   Hydrant rental for the use of fire hydrants within the corporate limits of the City of Fairview Heights, Illinois, is to be charged to the City of Fairview Heights at the rate of $62.50 per hydrant, payable annually beginning May 1 of each year, and any hydrants that are placed in service during the fiscal year shall be prorated for the remaining portion of the fiscal year based upon the above hydrant rental fee.
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