(A)   (1)   The employees of the Public Works Department shall have free access at reasonable times to the premises of the consumer for purposes of reading the internal water meter or inspecting the piping and appurtenances connected to the meter, which includes the wiring leading from the internal meter to the internal outside reading device (OSR).
      (2)   The occupants of any building or premises where meters or OSRs are located shall keep the same free from obstruction and they shall be so arranged that they may be accessible at all times for the purpose of reading, inspection or repairing; and if a meter or the OSR is obstructed, the water will be shut off until such obstruction is removed and the charge for shutting off is paid.
      (3)   OSRs will be installed for all water customers. If an OSR is not installed, the owner or occupant of the premises will give reasonable access to employees of the Public Works Department so that they may install an OSR. Under certain conditions, the Public Works Director or his or her designee may waive the requirement to install an OSR. This waiver will only be based on a unique construction condition that would make the installation of an OSR cost-prohibitive.
   (B)   All water meters and water fixtures, connections and appurtenances on private property connected with the waterworks system of the city shall be open to the inspection of the proper officers and employees of the city at all reasonable hours.
(1999 Code, § 52.039)  (Ord. 1745, passed 2-7-1995; Ord. 1755, passed 5-1-1995)