(A)   (1)   All meters are accurately tested before installation.
      (2)   Meters are also periodically tested in accordance with the State Commerce Commission’s regulations.
      (3)   The Water Department may, at any time, remove any meter for routine tests, repair or replacement and may, at its option and expense, test any meter when the Water Department has reason to believe that it is registering inaccurately.
   (B)   A customer may request a meter to be tested for accuracy, which test will be made in the meter shop of the city, in accordance with the standard regulations for meter testing as prescribed by the State Commerce Commission. Each request for the test of a meter for accuracy shall be accompanied by a deposit of $60 for five-eighths inch through one-inch meters and $110 for one and one-half inch and larger meters. If the meter so tested shall be found to be accurate within the limits prescribed by the State Commerce Commission, the deposit shall be retained by the Water Department as compensation for such test; if the error in registration is found to be more than that permitted by the Commission, then the cost of the test shall be borne by the Water Department, and the amount of the deposit shall be returned to the customer and the customer’s bill shall be adjusted in accordance with the result of the tests, if error is established.
(1999 Code, § 52.038)  (Ord. 888, passed 12-18-1978; Ord. 3375, passed 9-19-2005)