(A)   Any single commercial or residential premises may have a second meter installed; provided, the water flowing through that meter does not exit the premises into the city sanitary sewer.
   (B)   The second meter at the premises shall be installed at the cost of the customer, and the customer shall be charged for the water used at the regular schedule of rate blocks as set forth in this chapter, and when less than the minimum amount is used during any billing period a minimum bill shall be charged.
   (C)   Any second water meter installed and connected as provided by this section shall be required to have a backflow device which meets American Water Works Association (AWWA) standards.
   (D)   All piping for water that flows through secondary meters on the premises shall be open to inspection, color coded and there shall be a schematic drawing on file with the City Engineer’s office showing the flow of the water from the second meter to the time it leaves the premises.
   (E)   Any person moving into a premises where there is a multiple meter system already installed may at their option keep the second meter on line with no extra cost other than paying of the normal water billings.
   (F)   If a person moves into a premises where there is a meter box and line installed for a second meter, but the meter has been removed by a previous owner, the person may have the meter reinstalled at a cost of $200, plus the cost of the meter.
   (G)   If any second meter is replaced at the request of the owner the charge shall be $200, plus the cost of the meter, unless there is a necessity to replace any or all of the meter box and ancillary attachments, in which event the cost of the reinstallation shall be at the regular tap-in fee set forth in this chapter.
   (H)   No premises that has a swimming pool connected to the municipal sewerage system may be allowed to have a second water meter.
(1999 Code, § 52.037)  (Ord. 980, passed 5-4-1981; Ord. 1366, passed 4-3-1989; Ord. 3376, passed 9-19-2005)