(A)   Generally. Two or more residential living units or businesses may be served with water through a single water service and meter, subject to the following rules.
      (1)   The water service shall not be extended to more than one building.
      (2)   The premises serviced shall be owned by the same person, firm or corporation.
   (B)   Computation of water rate. If the premises contain multiple residential units or commercial units having a separate facility for using water service, then the volume charge for water service in the first rate block set forth in § 52.080 hereof shall be in accordance with the number of residential or commercial units on the premises or in the building. The rate block shall be based upon the following quarterly usage insofar as § 52.080 is concerned:
One unit
15,000 gallons or less
Over one unit
5,000 additional gallons per unit
   (C)   Meter size and rates. Every premises containing more than one residential or commercial unit or combination thereof as aforesaid may be required to have a meter of larger than minimum size based upon the needs of the premises serviced. The minimum meter rates shall apply based upon the size.
(1999 Code, § 52.036)  (Ord. 1450, passed 10-29-1990; Ord. 1590, passed 1-19-1993)