Any property owner desiring to repair sidewalks or replace existing sidewalks shall submit to the City Engineer a plan setting forth the location of the sidewalk, the legal description of the property adjacent to the sidewalk, the width and length of the proposed sidewalk. The City Engineer shall upon approval of the construction order the City Clerk to issue a permit for the construction of the sidewalk. Upon completion of the construction of the sidewalk, the property owner shall file with the City Engineer a verified statement showing the completion of the sidewalk and shall attach to the statement an itemized statement of costs of construction of the sidewalk. The City Engineer will review and approve the itemized statement of costs as reasonable with standards of the industry. Upon receipt of the statement of completion by the owner of the property and upon inspection and approval by the City Engineer, the Council may allow and order to be reimbursed to such owner half of the documented costs shown in the approved itemized statement.
(1999 Code, § 98.25)  (Ord. 1410, passed 12-4-1989)