1323.01 INTENT.
   In recognition of the quasi-public nature of cellular and/or wireless personal communication systems, it is the purpose of these regulations as set out herein in Sections 1323.01 through 1323.06, and known as "Cellular or Wireless Communications Systems;" to:
   (a)   Accommodate the need for cellular or wireless communications towers and facilities for the provision of personal wireless services while regulating their location and number in the City;
   (b)   Minimize adverse visual effects of communications towers and support structures through proper siting, design and screening;
   (c)   Avoid potential damage to adjacent properties from communications towers and support structure failure; and
   (d)   Encourage the joint use of any new and existing communications towers and support structures to reduce the number of such structures needed in the future.
      (Ord. 105-1996. Passed 12-30-96.)