1321.07  PROHIBITED SIGNS.    
     (a)       Subject to subsection (b), the following types of signs are prohibited within the City of Norwood:
          (1)       Abandoned signs;
      (2)       Animated, intensely lighted signs; 
      (3)       Bench Signs;
      (4)       Flashing Signs;
      (5)       Festoon Signs;
      (6)       Inflatable Signs    
      (7)       Moving Signs;
      (8)       Cabinet Signs mounted on the wall;
      (9)       Signs which emit audible sound, odor or visible matter;
            (10)    Signs painted on windows and walls;
            (11)     Pole Signs;
            (12)    Rotating Signs;
            (13)     Multi-Prism Indexing Signs;
          (14)     Signs tacked, nailed, pasted, or taped on walls of buildings, on trees, poles, posts, fences, or other structures;
            (15)     Signs which operate or employ any stereopticon or motion picture projection or media, or have visible moving parts or any portion of which moves, or gives the illusion of motion; and
            (16)     Vehicle signs. 
   (b)    Within a Major Planned Unit Development, and in conformance with the purposes contained in Norwood Codified Ordinance 1321.01, the types of signs listed in subsections (a)(2), (a)(4), (a)(9), and (a)(15) may be allowed when incorporated into a Final Plan Approval encompassing a contiguous area in excess of ten (10) acres. Illuminated signs shall be so designed and arranged that any external illumination is effectively shielded and no direct light is cast onto properties or streets adjacent to the Final Plan area.
(Ord.  45-2020.  Passed 8-11-20.)