1321.07  PROHIBITED SIGNS.    
   (a)    The following types of signs are prohibited within the City of Norwood:
      (1)    Abandoned signs;
      (2)     Animated, intensely lighted signs; 
      (3)    Bench Signs;
      (4)    Flashing Signs;
      (5)     Festoon Signs;
      (6)     Inflatable Signs
      (7)    Moving Signs;
      (8)    Cabinet Signs mounted on the wall;
      (9)    Signs which emit audible sound, odor or visible matter;
      (10)    Signs painted on windows and walls;
      (11)    Pole Signs;
      (12)    Rotating Signs;
      (13)    Multi-Prism Indexing Signs;
      (14)    Signs tacked, nailed, pasted, or taped on walls of buildings, on trees, poles, posts, fences, or other structures;
      (15)     Signs which operate or employ any stereopticon or motion picture projection or media, or have visible moving parts or any portion of which moves, or gives the illusion of motion; and
      (16)    Vehicle signs. 
         (Ord. 15-2017.  Passed 5-23-17.)