1321.01  INTENT.
   (a)   It is the purpose of this Sign Code to promote the public health, safety, and general welfare of residents and visitors in the City through reasonable, consistent, and non-discriminatory Sign standards. The Sign regulations in this Chapter are not intended to censor speech or to regulate viewpoints, but instead are intended to regulate the adverse secondary effects of Signs. The Sign regulations are especially intended to reach the secondary effects that may adversely impact aesthetics and safety, especially traffic safety.  In order to preserve and promote the City as a desirable community in which to live and do business, a pleasing, visually attractive environment is of foremost importance. The regulation of Signs within the City contributes significantly to this desired end. These Sign regulations have been prepared with the intent of enhancing the visual environment of the City and promoting its continued well-being, and are intended to:
      (1)   Encourage the effective use of Signs as a means of communication in the City;
      (2)   Maintain and enhance the aesthetic environment and the City's ability to attract sources of economic development and growth;
      (3)   Improve pedestrian and traffic safety;
      (4)   Curtail the size and number of Signs to minimize the possible adverse effects of Sign clutter or Signs that conceal or obstruct adjacent land uses or Signs on nearby public and private property;
      (5)   Foster the integration of signage with the building's architecture and the landscape's design;
      (6)   Lessen the visual clutter that may otherwise be caused by the proliferation, improper placement, illumination, animation, excessive height, and excessive size (area) of Signs which compete for the attention of pedestrian and vehicular traffic;
      (7)   Encourage and allow Signs that are appropriate to the zoning district;
      (8)   Establish regulations for Sign size that relate to the scale of the lot and building on which the Sign is to be placed or to which it pertains;
      (9)   Categorize and tailor the regulation of Signs based upon types and content neutral characteristics;
      (10)   Preclude Signs from conflicting with the permitted use of the site and adjoining sites;
      (11)   Regulate Signs in a manner so as to not distract, interfere with, or obstruct the vision of motorists, bicyclists or pedestrians;
      (12)   Except to the extent expressly preempted by state or federal law, ensure that Signs are constructed, installed, and maintained in a safe and satisfactory manner, and protect the public from unsafe Signs;
      (13)   Preserve, conserve, protect, and enhance the aesthetic quality and scenic beauty of all districts of the City;
      (14)   Allow for traffic control devices and signs consistent with national or state standards and whose purpose is to promote highway safety and efficiency by providing for the orderly movement of road users on streets and highways, and that notify road users of regulations and provide warning and guidance needed for the safe, uniform and efficient operation of all elements of the traffic stream;
      (15)   Protect property values by precluding, to the maximum extent possible, Sign-types that create a nuisance to the occupancy or use of other properties as a result of their size, height, illumination, brightness, or movement;
      (16)   Protect property values by ensuring that Sign-types, as well as the number of Signs, are in harmony with buildings, neighborhoods, and conforming Signs in the area;
      (17)   Regulate the appearance and design of Signs in a manner that promotes and enhances the beautification of the City; and
      (18)   Enable the fair and consistent enforcement of these Sign regulations.
         (Ord. 15-2017.  Passed 5-23-17.)