(A)   No railroad company shall obstruct any public highway or street, or the navigation of any stream, by stopping and permitting trains, engines, or cars to stand upon a public grade crossing or upon a drawbridge for more than five minutes at any one time, unless such stopping and standing is caused by circumstances beyond control of the railroad company.
   (B)   No member of a railroad train crew shall be held personally guilty of violating this section on proof that his or her action was necessary to comply with the orders or instructions of the railroad company or its officers; provided that nothing in this section shall relieve the railroad company from any responsibility placed upon it by this section.
   (C)   Any railroad company that violates the provisions of this section shall be fined as set forth in § 74.99. If a grade crossing is obstructed by two or more trains stopping and standing thereon in succession without allowing accumulated highway traffic to pass, the obstruction by each such successive train shall constitute a separate offense.
(KRS 277.200; 277.990) (Prior Code, § 74.02)