(a)   An entire building of row houses or townhouses shall be classified as multifamily.
   (b)   There shall not be more than six dwellings in a row, which will constitute one building.
   (c)   Every dwelling must be separated by an unpierced fire partition having a two-hour fire-resistance rating.
   (d)   The dwelling unit may be two single-family units, one floor, side by side, or two single-family units, up and down.
   (e)   The entire row or townhouse building shall not be more than two stories in height.
   (f)   The dwelling shall be in a single row and may not be placed back to back.
   (g)   All additional requirements for a private dwelling shall be complied with.
   (h)   Where basements are provided, the floor shall be protected by a ceiling having not less than a three-quarter hour fire-resistance rating.
   (i)   All partitions, walls and ceilings in the rest of the unit shall have not less than a three-quarter hour fire-resistance rating.
   (j)   The fire partitions shall extend from the footing and extend continuously to the underside of the roof, creating a complete separation.
   (k)   There shall be not less than a ten-foot clear side yard for each row house building, twenty feet between buildings when built in a row, and not less than fifteen feet when built at an angle.
   (l)   Walls separating each family unit between fire partitions shall have not less than a one-hour fire-resistance rating.
(Ord. 42-1981.  Passed 2-23-81.)