(a)   Permit Required.  No person shall proceed with the grading, excavating or filling of any public or private property, as set forth in this chapter, within the City, without first having obtained a permit from the Division of Building and Zoning Inspection, approved by the Superintendent of Building and Zoning Inspection, authorizing the grading, excavating or filling, except as otherwise provided in this chapter.
   (b)   Applications.  Applications for a permit to grade, excavate or fill in land shall be made to the Division by the owner, lessee or contractor, outlining the purpose and scope of the proposed work.  Adequate descriptions and maps or drawings shall be submitted, in duplicate, with each application, showing the following:
      (1)   The location of the proposed work in relation to the improved and unimproved areas adjacent thereto.
      (2)   The location and extent of the grading, excavating or filling, with an approximate estimate of the quantities of each item involved and the nature of the final surfacing.
      (3)   Profiles or cross-sections showing the elevation of the original or existing ground surface, together with the elevations of the proposed finished ground lines and the slope lines of all fills and cuts.
      (4)   Provision for bonding fills to existing ground surfaces and the method of consolidation and compaction of fills.
      (5)   Provision for the drainage of existing and new ground surfaces and surface drainage for the protection of cuts and fills.
      (6)   Provision for the drainage of subsurface water where subsurface water is known or believed to exist.
      (7)   Where retaining walls or other structures are to be used to assist in the support of cuts and fills, a design of such walls or structures.
      (8)   Where underground drainage structures are to be used, drawings showing locations, sizes and profiles, with drainage and runoff studies for analysis by the City Engineer.  Such drawings shall indicate connections with existing City drainage structures, and calculations shall indicate that existing drainage structures shall not be overloaded.
      (9)   Where underground drainage structures are not to be used, but runoff is to be collected in existing surface structures or drainage ditches, calculation and studies indicating that existing drainage structures and drainage ditches shall not be overlooked.
   (c)   Waiver.  The Superintendent may waive any of the foregoing requirements that he or she deems unnecessary or inapplicable.
   (d)   Compliance Required.  All grading, excavating and filling operations shall comply with the applicable rules and regulations of other departments and agencies, and with ordinances or laws pertaining thereto, in addition to the provisions of this chapter.
   (e)   Fees.  Fees for granting permits under this chapter shall be based upon the total estimated cost of the work authorized and shall be fixed according to Section 1426.32(d), with a minimum fee of five dollars ($5.00).
   (f)   Inspections.  In addition to the periodic inspections by the Division of Building and Zoning Inspection, the person doing the work shall provide required engineering inspections during the time actual operations are in process.  Such inspections shall be at the owner’s expense and shall be furnished either by a registered civil engineer qualified to make soil inspections or, when a soil consultant is not required or employed, inspections shall be furnished by the contractor, with daily work progress and compliance reports.  When a registered civil engineer supervises the grading operation, furnishes a required inspection and submits a written report to the Superintendent, the services of the City Engineer will not be required.
   (g)   Expense of Soil Reports and Tests.  All expense in connection with soil examination reports and test shall be paid by the owner or contractor.
   (h)   Deposits.  For the purpose of compensating the City for the services of engineering field persons furnished by the Director of Public Service under this chapter, the owner or contractor shall deposit with the Director of Finance, before the issuance of the permit, the estimated amount of money required to pay for such engineering services.  Such deposits shall be held by the Finance Department in a trust fund, subject to refund to the depositor if, at the conclusion of the work, the amount of such deposit exceeds the cost of engineering services furnished by the City.  If the cost of engineering services exceeds the amount of the deposit, the depositor shall pay to the City the difference, and the total amount shall be paid to the General Fund.  Deposits, permits and fees for temporary occupancy of streets, as provided in Section 1426.23, will be required on all operations contemplated by this chapter.
   (i)   Approval of Director of Public Service.  When the grading, excavating or filling is conducted on premises greater than three acres in area, the Superintendent shall notify the Director of Public Service of the application and the pertinent facts relating thereto.  The Director shall notify the Superintendent in writing within ten days of any objection to the proposed work.  Failure of the Director to give notice in that time shall be deemed approval of the proposed work.
(Ord. 42-1981.  Passed 2-23-81.)