The following definitions apply to all provisions in this Zoning Code relating to wireless telecommunications facilities:
   (a)   “Collocation” means the use of a wireless telecommunications facility by more than one wireless telecommunications provider.
   (b)   “Lattice tower” means a support structure constructed of vertical metal struts and cross-braces forming a triangular or square structure, which often tapers from the foundation to the top.
   (c)   “Monopole” means a support structure constructed of a single, self-supporting hollow metal tube securely anchored to a foundation.
   (d)   “Open space” means land devoted to conservation or recreational purposes and/or land designated by a municipality to remain undeveloped, which land may be specified on a zoning map.
   (e)   “Telecommunications” means the technology which enables information to be exchanged through the transmission of voice, video or data signals by means of electrical or electromagnetic systems. 
(Ord. 56-1997.  Passed 7-14-97.)