Permitted uses in an I-1 Light Industrial District are:
   (a)   Administrative offices, but not including those of doctors, dentists or others that require personal visits of clients or patients.
   (b)   The manufacturing, processing, assembling or storage of products and materials, including institutes and laboratories.
   (c)   Business and mechanical service uses providing the display, repair, storage and off-premises installation of various products, materials and appliances, where on-premises retail sales to customers are incidental and customer presence is primarily for the purpose of pre-installation inspection or the delivery or pick-up of articles for repair.
   (d)   Research laboratories, provided that such uses are not or will not be offensive by reason of the emission of dust, gas, smoke, noise, fumes, odors or vibrations, and provided further that the Building and Zoning Inspectors may require evidence that adequate controls, measures or devices have been provided to insure and protect the public interest, health, comfort, convenience, safety and general welfare.
   (e)   No retail business, service, manufacturing or industrial use shall be permitted as a lawful or accessory use if such business, service, manufacturing or industrial use unit pumps in excess of 1,000 gallons of underground water per day.
   (f)   Adult uses, in accordance with Chapter 1292.
(Ord. 1-1988.  Passed 4-11-88; Ord. 110-2010.  Passed 12-16-10.)