Permitted uses in B-1 Central Business Districts are:
   (a)   The following retail business uses of a character similar to:
      (1)   Food stores, dairy products and bakery goods stores.
      (2)   Book stores and rental libraries.
      (3)   Drug stores, including soda fountains and food service.
      (4)   Florists, pet shops and hardware, furniture and accessory stores.
      (5)   Department stores, variety shops and gift and specialty shops.
      (6)   Recreation and amusement enterprises, excluding skill-based amusement arcades.
      (7)   Business colleges and music and dance studios.
      (8)   Photography and blue-printing shops.
      (9)   Catering shops, cafes and restaurants.
      (10)   Art, antique, dressmaking, apparel, tailor, fur and millinery shops.
      (11)   Indoor theaters, auditoriums, lodge halls and social clubs.
      (12)   Newspaper and commercial printing shops.
      (13)   Mortuaries.
      (14)   Bakeries employing not more than five persons, full or part-time, exclusive of sales personnel.
      (15)   Dry cleaners and laundries, provided that the solvents used in the cleaning process shall be non-flammable and non-explosive and are used in fluid-tight cleaning units approved by the Building and Zoning Inspectors.
      (16)   Smoke shops and newsstands.
   (b)   Professional offices, studios and clinics.
   (c)   Public utility offices.
   (d)   Banks and financing institutions.
   (e)   Services of a character similar to the following:
      (1)   Barber shops and beauty parlors.
      (2)   Repair shops for shoes, radios and televisions.
      (3)   Self-operated laundries, but not self-operated dry cleaning facilities.
      (4)   Real estate, insurance, bookkeeping and advertising agencies.
   (f)   Motels.
   All of the aforesaid uses shall be so placed, constructed and operated as not to be offensive or objectionable because of odor, dust, smoke, noise or vibration.
(Ord. 1-1988.  Passed 4-11-88; Ord. 69-2007.  Passed 11-12-07.)