The subdivider shall submit improvement plans, specifications, and calculations consistent with the requirements of the Engineering Construction Standards, which include, at a minimum, the following. The data, sheets, and plans listed below may be combined as approved by the City Engineer, provided they clearly and accurately display the information required:
   (a)   Improvement Plan Review Fee. When the City Engineer determines that it is necessary to engage outside review assistance, due to the size, content, or complexity of the improvement plans, or due to current staffing and skill levels, or for other reasons, the subdivider shall be required to submit a review fee.
   (b)   Title Sheet. Including location map, typical section, subdivider information, general notes, and utilities information; places for required approvals, signatures, and dates of signatures; title block; seal, signature, and registration number of the engineer who prepared the drawings.
   (c)   Road Plan and Profile Sheet(s). Plans, profiles, typical sections, and specifications for all proposed public and private roads. All existing and proposed underground structures located in the street or easement shall be shown on the construction plans and profile drawings.
   (d)   Water Plans. Except as already provided in the Road Plan and Profile Sheets, plans, profiles, detailed drawings and specifications for all proposed water lines, including laterals.
   (e)   Sanitary Sewer Plans. Except as already provided in the Road Plan and Profile Sheets, plans, profiles, detailed drawings and specifications for all proposed sanitary sewers, including laterals.
   (f)   Topographic and Drainage Sheet(s) including Subdivision Grading Plan, Storm Water Management Plan, Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP).
      (1)   Subdivision grading plan. Existing and proposed contour lines (elevations based on USGS sea level datum) at two foot intervals, yard swales, minimum building envelope and other spot elevations, lot layout and dimensions, finished grade of streets, storm water management features and major storm routing path.
      (2)   Storm water management plan. Plans, profiles, typical sections, specifications, detailed drawings of structures for all proposed public and private storm water facilities, including above and below ground installations, and including but not limited to swales, ditches, catch basins, pipes, ponds, and lateral connections. (See Chapter 1234)
      (3)   Storm water pollution prevention plan (SWPPP). Design, materials, locations, phasing of temporary and post-construction erosion and sediment control work.
      (4)   Landscape plan. Location plans, planting layouts, typical planting details, and specifications for all proposed street trees and other landscaping areas (such as cul-de-sacs, boulevards, and subdivision entries) proposed to be installed as subdivision improvements.
      (5)   Lighting plan. Location plan, specifications, and lighting intensity data for the design and installation of lighting in the public rights-of-way, public walkways, and other areas intended for use by the general public.
      (6)   Sign and traffic control plan. Location plan and specifications for the design and installation of all public right-of-way signs required to comply with regulations, road name signs, any additional signs proposed by the subdivider, pavement markings, traffic signals.
      (7)   Additional construction drawings. Detailed drawings for special construction items not otherwise shown. Such other plans, drawings, and information as the City may require to determine and document compliance of the proposed subdivision with these Regulations.
(Ord. 2-2004. Passed 2-23-04.)