1234.05  FINAL PLAT.
   The final plat shall show the following and shall be in such form and include such other information required by the Engineering Construction Standards and the Office of the County Recorder:
   (a)   Title Sheet.
      (1)   The date of drawing.
      (2)   Name, tract and original lot, or section number.
      (3)   Vicinity map, north arrow, graphic scale.
      (4)   Signature and seal by a registered surveyor to the effect that the plat represents a correct survey made by the surveyor and that all the monuments shown thereon actually exist or shall be set upon completion of construction and that their location, size and material are as shown.
      (5)   Certification that the applicant is the owner of the land or owner's agent or that the owner has given consent under an option agreement.
      (6)   A notarized certification by the owner(s) adoption of the plat and offer of the dedication of streets and other areas as public open spaces; and that there are no unpaid taxes or special assessments against the land contained in the final plat.
      (7)   Signature block in form as required by the Engineering Construction Standards and approved by the City Solicitor and providing for:
         A.   Certification by City Engineer that improvement plans have been signed and required improvements have been installed or adequate financial guarantees have been provided.
         B.   Approval of each page of the final plat by the Planning Commission, as evidenced by signature of Chairperson.
         C.   Approval of each page of the final plat by City Council, as evidenced by signature of the Clerk of Council.
         D.   Acceptance of offers of dedication by City Council, as evidenced by signature of the Clerk of Council when all improvements have been constructed or financial guarantees and development agreement have been approved.
         E.   Approval by signature of the Mayor.
         F.   Offer of dedication of streets, parks, easements, by the owners of record with all signatures witnessed and notarized.
         G.   If on-site wastewater or water systems are to be used, approval of the local health department.
         H.   Proper spaces for transfer and recording stamps by the County Auditor.
   (b)   Monuments, Lines, Boundaries, Lots.
      (1)   Tract boundary lines, corporation lines, right-of-way lines and center lines of streets, easements and other rights-of-way, land to be reserved or dedicated for public use, all lot lines and other site lines, with accurate dimensions, bearings or deflection angles, and radii, arcs, chord bearings, tangents, central angles of all curves;
      (2)   Natural and artificial watercourses, shorelines; the locations, dimensions, and categories of federally-designated Category II and III wetlands, and the wetland and riparian setbacks required by the Zoning Code as determined by qualified delineators (indicate US Army Corps of Engineers and Ohio EPA permit numbers if applicable); flood plains referenced to the Flood Insurance Rate map (FIRM) by Community Panel Number, Effective Date and 100-year flood elevation where available.
      (3)   Lots shall be numbered in consecutive order. If the subdivision plat is submitted in phases, the lot numbers shall continue consecutively in each phase.
      (4)   The required building setback lines on all lots accurately shown with dimensions;
      (5)   Land for public or common use. Indicate boundaries and identify use or all parcels and easements to be dedicated or reserved for public or common use.
      (6)   Monuments. The location and a description of all monuments found, set, or to be set; referred to an established street line, section line, or other established monument.
   (c)   Streets.
      (1)   Street names (which shall not duplicate or conflict with other street names in the City or in abutting communities); and
      (2)   Right-of-way width of each proposed street and those adjoining.
   (d)   Data for the total subdivision including:
      (1)   Total area in the subdivision (acres);
      (2)   Area in lots (acres), total number of lots;
      (3)   Area in roads (acres); and
      (4)   Areas in open spaces, common areas, recreation areas, other public or private sites.
   (e)   The names of owners of adjoining unsubdivided land; references to subdivision plats of adjoining platted land by name, volume, and page.
   (f)   Locations of oil and gas wells, above ground or underground storage tanks and service lines located on the Subdivision (and shown by distance and bearing for the front, side; and rear lot lines of the lots on which located), which shall be subordinated to all public rights-of-way and public easements.
(Ord. 2-2004. Passed 2-23-04.)