(a)   Legibility and Detail.
      (1)   All drawings and information submitted for the purpose of obtaining the approval of a subdivision shall be drawn and written in a manner which clearly documents compliance with all provisions of these Regulations, of the Zoning Code, of the Engineering Construction Standards, and of all other applicable regulations.
      (2)   Preliminary and final plats shall be prepared at a scale of not less than one inch equals one hundred feet (1"=100') on sheets not larger than 24" x 36".
   (b)   Materials. All drawings, including distribution copies, reproducible originals or copies, and digital copies, shall be prepared using approved materials and software as required by the Engineering Construction Standards.
   (c)   Copies. The number of copies required to be submitted for any application for subdivision shall be as necessary for retention in city records and for distribution to all city officials and members of boards and commissions responsible for review.
   (d)   Qualifications of Preparer. All drawings and other information submitted for the purpose of obtaining the approval of a subdivision shall be prepared by persons licensed or otherwise certified or qualified to prepare such drawings and other information as determined by the reviewing officials. Survey documents and improvement plans shall be prepared by professionals licensed as required by the Ohio Revised Code.
   (e)   Plats of Survey. All new metes and bounds descriptions and all plats of survey must incorporate the principles and minimum standards of good surveying, engineering, and draftsmanship as defined by Section 4733 of the Administrative Code, as amended, of the State Board of Registration for Professional Engineers and Surveyors of the State of Ohio.
   (f)   Recording Requirements. All documents prepared for purpose of recording shall comply with the requirements of the Summit County Recorder.
   (g)   Preparation of Legal Documents. The subdivider or the subdivider's legal counsel shall be responsible for preparing all legal documents required to comply with the provisions of these Regulations, including but not limited to, as applicable, deeds, development agreements, and descriptions of easements. The subdivider shall be responsible for any amendments to legal documents as required by the City to comply with the provisions of these Regulations.
   (h)   Standard Forms. The Director of Planning, City Engineer, and City Solicitor, shall, subject to approval of the Planning Commission, prepare, adopt and distribute standard forms from time to time for applications, the construction agreements, guarantees, title insurance, inspection fees and other administrative procedures essential to the carrying out of these Subdivision Regulations.
(Ord. 2-2004. Passed 2-23-04.)