(a)   Effective March 1, 1993, and continuing thereafter, each private refuse hauler in the City shall be licensed by the City and shall be required to provide a curbside recycling collection program for its residential refuse customers.  By July 1, 1993, those private refuse haulers servicing multifamily facilities with refuse collection shall be required to provide a recycling collection program for those multifamily units.  The Director of Public Service shall issue such license based on the criteria set forth herein.
      (1)   In addition to the penalty set forth in Section 1060.99, if any licensed refuse hauler is found to be in noncompliance with this section by the Recycling Coordinator, the Coordinator may revoke the license of such refuse hauler.
      (2)   A refuse hauling license, after revocation, shall be re-issued only when the refuse hauler demonstrates compliance with this chapter to the Recycling Coordinator and only after all fines and penalties levied have been fully paid to the City.
(Ord. 25-1994.  Passed 3-14-94.)
   (b)   For purposes of this section, the following words and phrases shall have the following meanings:
      (1)   “Recycling participation” means the separation of recyclable materials from other household solid waste, and the proper disposal thereof, as approved by the City.
      (2)   “Recyclable materials” includes newspapers, metal food and beverage containers, glass food and beverage containers, No. 1 and No. 2 plastic containers (HDPE and PET) and cardboard (without a shiny or wax coating).
   (3)   “Materials recovery facility” means a facility for the collection, sorting, processing and transfer or sale of recyclable materials for the purpose of reclaiming material.
   (c)   Each licensed refuse hauler shall provide recyclable collection to its residential customers and multifamily units weekly or bi-weekly and on the same day as refuse collection.
   (d)   Each licensed refuse hauler shall provide, as an option to each of its residential customers, a volume-based fee system, charged on a by-the-bag or per-container basis, for refuse collection.
   (e)   Collected recyclable materials shall be transported by the licensed refuse hauler to an approved materials recovery facility (MRF).  Receipts must be obtained from the MRF as to the amount of materials that have been delivered.  No licensed refuse hauler shall dispose of recyclable materials other than through an approved MRF.
   (f)   A solid waste collection plan shall be submitted for City approval by each refuse hauler by March 1, 1993, for the calendar year 1993, and by December 1 of each year beginning December 1, 1993, for the following calendar years, which plan shall address how the hauler proposes to collect recyclables and shall include a description of recyclable materials to be collected from residents and from multifamily units, the frequency of recyclable collection, what type of vehicle will be used, how residents will be expected to participate, fees to be charged to residents for recyclable and refuse collection, where recyclable materials will be taken and how types and volumes of materials will be tracked.  Collection plans must be approved by the Recycling Coordinator prior to the issuance of a license to operate in the City.
   (g)   A solid waste collection plan shall include provisions to assure that recyclable materials are taken to a bona fide recycling facility, where materials will be returned to productive use and not landfilled or incinerated.
   (h)   A licensed refuse hauler shall report to the City quarterly, on April 15 for the period ending March 31, on July 15 for the period ending June 30, on October 15 for the period ending September 30, and on January 15 for the period ending December 31, with information necessary to track the volume of recyclable materials collected and where the material was disposed of, the rate of participation by residents, the volume of solid waste recovered, by category, and the location of such disposal.
   (i)   Effective April 1, 1993, and continuing thereafter, each household in the City shall be required to participate in recycling.  Each household shall have the option of disposing of household recyclables by any of three methods:
      (1)   Securing curbside pick-up of recyclables by a private refuse hauler of the resident’s choosing, which hauler shall be licensed to operate in the City, and by placing such materials at the curb for pick-up;
      (2)   Transporting recyclable materials to the City of Norton Recycling Center, behind Fire Station No. 1, located at 3230 Greenwich Road, for drop off; or
      (3)   Securing some other form of recycling service consistent with the intent and principles of this section, and notifying the Recycling Coordinator of the method of recycling and the service provider, for records maintenance.
   (j)   Each multifamily unit shall be required to drop off recyclables at the Recycling Center until the private haulers servicing the multifamily facility for refuse collection provide recycling collection for the facility, which shall be no later than July 1, 1993.
   (k)   Effective April 1, 1993, and continuing thereafter, each one and two-family household unit in the City shall be required to secure refuse collection service from a private refuse hauler of the resident’s choice, which hauler shall be licensed by the City.
   (l)   Each multifamily unit shall conform to the rules and regulations of the City or its private hauler’s collection plan, as approved by the City, for the separation, scheduling and preparation of recyclable materials for collection or drop off.
   (m)   The Recycling Center is supported by State grant money and if such grant monies are no longer available, such Recycling Center may cease operation, and the implementation of mandatory curbside recycling may then be required Citywide.
(Ord. 94-1992.  Passed 11-9-92; Ord. 35-2008.  Passed 4-14-08.)