(a)   Interference. When a proposed curb cut or driveway approach interferes with street light poles or posts, traffic signal standards, signs, stormwater inlets, hydrants, utility poles, fire alarm supports, underground ducts or pipes, or other necessary street structures, the owner of the parcel of land served by the curb cut shall pay the expense of moving such structures.
   (b)   Utility Clearance. Any contractor, builder or homeowner who constructs a driveway or driveway approach for any home, commercial or industrial facility shall provide for clearance of at least four feet from any fire hydrant and/or any other utility installation.  This section shall only apply to a new driveway or driveway approach installation or expansion.
(Ord. 77-1963. Passed 11-16-63; Ord. 79-2005. Passed 11-28-05; Ord. 45-2007.  Passed 7-9-07.)