(a)   All permits issued pursuant to this chapter shall be renewed annually, with all permits expiring on December 31 of each year.  Permits issued during the calendar year shall be issued with an expiration date of December 31 of that year.  An application for permit renewal may be made on an original application form or by a signed letter certifying that all data contained on the current application are still accurate.
   (b)   Permit renewal may be denied by the issuing authority for good cause, including, but not limited to, the furnishing of false or fictitious information on the application for the permit or the renewal.  Any persons denied a permit renewal may appeal in accordance with Section 804.10.
   (c)   If a permit is not renewed under this section, the alarm system must be turned off or otherwise disabled within ten days of the date of the expiration of the permit which is not renewed. 
(Ord. 9-1996.  Passed 3-11-96; Ord. 58-2006.  Passed 7-10-06.)