804.10  APPEALS.
   (a)   Upon any denial of an original permit or a renewal or upon the revocation of a permit, the permit holder or applicant may submit a written request for a hearing on the matter to the Administrative Officer within ten days of the denial of the permit application or renewal or the revocation of the permit.  Such request for a hearing shall set forth the reasons that the decision is being contested.
   (b)   Written notice of the time and place of the hearing shall be served on the permit holder or applicant by the Administrative Officer by first class mail at least ten days prior to the date for the hearing.
   (c)   At the hearing before the Administrative Officer, the permit holder or applicant or his or her authorized representative shall have the right to present any evidence on his or her behalf.  The Solicitor will attend the hearing and represent the City.
   (d)   Within five days after the hearing, the Administrative Officer shall, by first class mail, notify the appellant of his or her decision in the matter.
(Ord. 3-1986.  Passed 2-24-86.)