The following procedure shall apply as a general plan for the completion of capital improvement projects henceforth which are not specially assessed in the City:
   (a)   Each such project exceeding ten thousand dollars ($10,000) shall be preceded by a preliminary estimate of cost, which shall contain an appropriate amount for contingencies (not less than eighteen percent).
   (b)   Council shall then determine the necessity of making the capital improvement by passing a Resolution of Necessity.
   (c)   Council, by ordinance, shall authorize the preparation of plans and specifications.
   (d)   Council shall then determine whether to proceed, by ordinance, considering the parameters of the financing.
   (e)   Council, by ordinance, shall then authorize advertising for bids and entering into a contract for the improvement.
   (f)   The contractor shall file an estimated completion schedule/time table with the Mayor, the Administrative Officer, the Director of Finance and the President of Council, and construction shall commence.
(Res. 31-1998.  Passed 6-22-98.)