At the time set by Council on the first business day of each year, Council shall meet in the Council Chambers for the purpose of organization. At such organization meeting, Council shall, by a majority of the members elected and appointed to Council, elect from its membership a President of Council and a Vice-President of Council, each to serve for a term of one year. Any member of Council elected to the office of President of Council for two consecutive terms shall thereafter be ineligible for that office for the next succeeding year. The President of Council shall have all the powers, duties, obligations and rights of any other member of Council, including the right to vote, and shall appoint the various committees of Council.
   The President of Council, or in his or her absence, the Vice-President of Council, shall preside at all meetings of Council. The President and Vice-President of Council, neither by holding such offices, nor in performing the duties of the acting Mayor as provided in Section 2.03 of this Charter, shall be deprived of their powers and rights or be relieved of their duties or obligations as members of Council.
(Amended November 6, 2007)