Sec. 4.04 Absence or Vacancy
   A.   Absence. When the Mayor is absent or inaccessible or is unable for any reason to perform such duties, the President of Council shall become the Acting Mayor and during such period have the same powers, except the power to disapprove legislation of the Council, and perform the same duties as the Mayor. Such person shall also continue as a member of Council with all the powers and duties of such member, including but not limited to the right to vote.
   B.   Vacancy. In the event the office of the Mayor shall become vacant for any reason, the President of Council shall thereupon become the Mayor and shall serve for the unexpired term or until the beginning of the term of a successor duly elected as hereinafter provided. Upon becoming Mayor, such offices as President of Council and member of Council shall become vacant.
   C.   Absence of President of Council. In the event the President of Council shall be absent or inaccessible or for any reason unable to perform such duties as Acting Mayor, and an emergency or urgent necessity so requires, the Council, by vote of a majority of the remaining members of Council, may designate one of their number Acting Mayor for the purposes and duration only of such emergency or urgent necessity.
   D.   Election of Successor in the Event of Vacancy. In the event the office of Mayor shall become vacant, a successor for the unexpired term shall be elected Mayor at the next regular Municipal election, provided that such election shall occur more than two (2) years prior to the expiration of the term and the vacancy shall have occurred prior to the first day of August immediately preceding such election.