Louis Fahrbach, President
Dean Edwards
James Barton
Randy Kozina
Patrick Huntermark
Kelley Wills
Mark Stoner
Edward Schimmel
City Administrator
Robert Anderson
City Attorney
Brian J. Ballenger
City Engineer
David Kuhn, P.E. –
Feller, Finch & Assoc., Inc.
Chief of Police
Thomas Cairl
Fire Chief
Joel Whitmore
Finance and Revenue Director
Kenneth A. Yant
Director of Public Service
Craig Meier
Planning, Zoning & Economic Development Coordinator
Court Clerk
Laura Schroeder
Clerk of Council/Executive Administrative Assistant
Emily Popovitch
Deputy Fire Chief
Randy Roslin
District Fire Chiefs
Dave Hartle
Planning Commission
Board of Zoning Appeals
Mayor Edward Schimmel
Kelley Wills
Edwin Burns
Renee Jardy
Steve Delventhal
Vicky Pierce
George Kamilaris
Rick Rodocy
Michael Melnyk
Tim Schmidlin
David Venzke
Jim Intagliata
Matt Tewers
Bill Melnyk
David Kuhn, City Engineer
Recreation Board
Civil Service Commission
Jermey Beckman
Audrey Caligiuri, Secretary
Ray Beckman
Robert Frank, Chairman
Todd Dwyer, Ball Commissioner
Dale Miekis
Misty Rodriguez
Jim Barton, Council Liaison
Russell Sparks
Pat McGaharan