Sec. 3.12 Publication of Ordinances, Resolutions and Notices
   A.   Except as provided in Section 3.11 of this Article, every ordinance or resolution of a general or public nature including, but not limited to those granting, renewing or extending a franchise, creating a right, involving expenditures of money, levying of a tax, or concerning the purchase, lease, sale, or transfer of public property shall be published by posting a copy thereof in a conspicuous place in the Northwood Municipal Building for a period of not less than fifteen (15) days. Except as to emergency ordinances and resolutions, publication shall be completed prior to the taking effect thereof.
   B.   Council may by ordinance designate additional public places in the Municipality for posting copies of ordinances or resolutions and may make provision in any ordinance or resolution for the publication of such ordinance or resolution in one English language newspaper of general circulation in the Municipality. In the case of newspaper publication, ordinances and resolutions shall be published once a week for two (2) consecutive weeks; notices shall be published not less than two (2) nor more than four (4) consecutive weeks, and all other matters once.
   C.   Publication of any notice, statement, order, report or proclamation required to be published by this Charter, by the applicable laws of the State of Ohio, or by legislation enacted by the Council shall be published by posting as provided in this section except as otherwise herein specifically set forth.
   D.   Notices to bidders for the construction of public improvements and notices of the sale of notes or bonds of the Municipality shall be published in at least one (1) but not more than two (2) English language newspapers printed in the State of Ohio and of general circulation in the Municipality.
   E.   Proof of any publication provided for in this section shall be made by the Clerk of Council as provided by ordinance or if not so provided by the laws of the State of Ohio.