It shall be unlawful housing practices and a violation of this chapter:
   (a)   For any person or real estate agent:
      (1)   To discriminate against any person in the selling, leasing, subleasing, renting, assigning, or otherwise transferring of any interest in a housing unit;
      (2)   To discriminate against any person by refusing to negotiate, making false representations on the availability of the housing unit which is for sale, lease, sublease, or rental;
      (3)   To include the terms, conditions or privileges of any sale, lease, sublease, rental, assignment or other transfer of any housing, any clause, condition, or restriction discriminating against any person in the use or occupancy of such housing;
      (4)   To discriminate in the furnishing of any facilities, repairs, improvements, or services or in the terms, conditions, privileges or tenure of occupancy of any person;
      (5)   With respect to any prohibited activity not specified in this chapter, to publish or circulate or cause to be published or circulated, any notice, statement, listing or advertisement or to announce a policy or to make any record in connection with the prospective sale, lease, sublease, rental or financing of any housing which indicates reliance, determination or decision based on race, color, creed, sex, marital status, age, religious belief, national origin or handicap, disability or familial status;
      (6)   To assist in, compel, or coerce the doing of any act declared to be an unlawful housing practice under this chapter, or to obstruct or prevent enforcement or compliance with the provisions of this chapter, or to attempt to directly or indirectly commit any act declared by this chapter to be an unlawful housing practice;
      (7)   To induce or attempt to induce the sale, transfer of interest, or listing for sale of any housing by making representations regarding the existing or potential proximity of the real property owned, used, or occupied by any person, or any particular race, color, creed, religious belief, national origin or handicap by direct or indirect methods or disability or familial status;
      (8)   To make any representations to a prospective purchaser or lessee that any housing in a particular block, neighborhood or area may undergo, is undergoing or has undergone a change with respect to racial, color, religious, nationality or ethnic composition of such block, neighborhood or area;
      (9)   To induce or attempt to induce the sale or listing for sale of any housing by representing that the presence or anticipated presence of persons of any particular race, color, religious belief or national origin in the area will or may result in:
         A.   The lowering of property values;
         B.   A change in the racial, color, religious, nationality or ethnic composition of the block, neighborhood or area in which the property is located;
         C.   An increase in criminal or antisocial behavior in the area in which the property is located;
         D.   A decline in quality of the schools serving the area.
      (10)   To cause or coerce or attempt to cause or coerce retaliation against any person because such person has lawfully opposed any act or failure to act that is a violation of this chapter or has, in good faith, filed a complaint, testified, participated or assisted in any way in any proceeding under this chapter;
      (11)   To deny any person access to or membership or participation in any multiple listing service, real estate brokers' organization or facility relating to the business of selling or renting housing or discriminate against a person in the terms or conditions of such access, membership or participation.
      (12)   To do any other thing or engage in conduct which would otherwise make unavailable equal housing opportunities.
   (b)   For any lending institution to discriminate in lending money, guaranteeing loans, accepting a deed or trust mortgage or otherwise making available funds for the purchase, acquisition, construction, alteration, rehabilitation, repair, or maintenance of any housing or discriminate in the fixing of the rates, terms, conditions or provisions of any such financial assistance.
(Ord. 2003-9.  Passed 3-27-03.)