Snowmobiles, off-highway motorcycles, and all-purpose vehicles may be operated as follows:
   (a)   To make a crossing of a highway, other than a highway as designated in Ohio R.C. 4519.40(A)(1) or a substantially equivalent municipal ordinance, whenever the crossing can be made in safety and will not interfere with the movement of vehicular traffic approaching from any direction on the highway, and provided that the operator yields the right-of-way to any approaching traffic that presents an immediate hazard;
   (b)   On highways in the county or township road systems whenever the local authority having jurisdiction over such highways so permits;
   (c)   Off and alongside street or highway for limited distances from the point of unloading from a conveyance to the point at which the snowmobile, off- highway motorcycle, or all-purpose vehicle is intended and authorized to be operated;
   (d)   On the berm or shoulder of a highway, other than a highway as designated in Ohio R.C. 4519.40(A)(1)or a substantially equivalent municipal ordinance, when the terrain permits such operation to be undertaken safely and without the necessity of entering any traffic lane;
   (e)   On the berm or shoulder or a county or township road, while traveling from one area of operation of the snowmobile, off-highway motorcycle, or all- purpose vehicle to another such area;
   (f)   For snowmobiles without metal studded tracks and all-purpose vehicles, on state highways located on an island in Lake Erie, including limited access highways and freeways, between the first day of November and the thirtieth day of April, provided that all of the following conditions apply:
      (1)   The operator has a valid driver’s license as required under Ohio R.C. 4519.44.
      (2)   The snowmobile or all-purpose vehicle is in compliance with rules governing safety equipment adopted under Ohio R.C. 4519.20.
      (3)   The owner of the snowmobile or all-purpose vehicle maintains proof of financial responsibility for both on-road and off-road use of the snowmobile or all-purpose vehicle.
      (4)   The operator obeys all traffic rules and regulations.
(ORC 4519.41)