452.12 FIRE LANES.
   (a)   Under authority of Section 1602.13 of the Fire Prevention Code, the Fire Chief has the right and authority under the Ohio Fire Code to establish fire lanes even upon private property in commercial mall areas, and has the right to prohibit parking in any designated fire lane.
   (b)   Such fire lanes shall be properly designated by suitable signs and properly posted.
   (c)   No owner or operator of a motor vehicle shall park such vehicle or allow such vehicle to be parked in any fire lane where parking of a motor vehicle is prohibited.
   (d)   The Fire Chief is hereby authorized to deputize responsible individuals for the purpose of enforcing such fire lane restrictions and issuing a summons for a violation thereof.
(Ord. 76-10. Passed 3-11-76; Ord. 2005-63. Passed 12-15-05.)