408.01   Penalties for misdemeanor.
408.02   General Code penalty.
408.03   Penalty for violations of Chapter 436 (Licensing; Accidents). (Repealed)
408.04   Penalty for violations of Chapter 440 (Commercial and Heavy Vehicles).
408.05   Suspension or revocation of license by trial judge.
408.06   Suspension of driver's license.
   See section histories for similar State law
   Definition of “imprisoned” - see Ohio R.C. 1.05
   Satisfaction of fine; credit for time served - see Ohio R.C. 2947.14
   Criteria for probation; conditions for probation - see Ohio R.C. 2951.02
   Definition of “dangerous offender” - see GEN. OFF. 698.01
   Definition of “repeat offender” - see GEN. OFF. 698.01
   Imposing sentence for misdemeanor - see GEN. OFF. 698.03
   Organizational penalties - see GEN. OFF. 698.04
   Multiple sentences - see GEN. OFF. 698.05