The Recreation Board shall generally act in an advisory capacity, making recommendations to Council concerning the development, maintenance and operation of playgrounds, recreational facilities, and programs for the City, including fees and rates thereof. The Recreation Board shall also have those powers and perform those duties as Council may provide by ordinance or resolution, including, specifically, the following powers and duties:
   (a)   To analyze community needs in the parks and recreation area, and recommend such programs, activities, and improvements as might be deemed necessary to Council.
   (b)   To plan for both long-range and short-range expansions and changes in parks, park facilities and make such recommendations to Council.
   (c)   To recommend rules and regulations governing the use of parks and recreation facilities, such as: closing hours, restrictions on use, and guidelines for use of parks and recreation facilities, subject to the approval by legislation of Council.
   (d)   To recommend rates and fees for recreational activities and facilities, subject to approval by legislation of Council.
   (e)   To review and make recommendations to Council concerning the need for capital outlays, or the acquisition of major pieces of equipment in the area of parks and recreation.
   (f)   To recommend the purchase, lease, sale, or exchange of real or personal property in the name of the City, no longer needed for recreational purposes, within or outside the City, subject to approval of Council.
   (g)   The Board shall devise and recommend for adoption by Council a recreational program for children, young people, and men and women in all walks of life; offer leadership in coordinating and correlating all recreational activities to the maximum benefit of the citizens of the City; and cooperate and coordinate the building of the total community recreational program into and around the public and private organizations concerned with public welfare, education, and family relations.
   (h)   To recommend the hiring of umpire-in-chiefs or providers of services deemed necessary or desirable to carry out the programs and duties as outlined herein, subject to approval by Council.
(Ord. 63-8. Passed 3-14-63; Ord. 2008-30.  Passed 12-4-08.)