The position of Director of Public Service is hereby established. Vacancies in the office from time to time shall be filled by the Mayor for the unexpired term, upon the advice and consent of Council. Any person appointed as Director of Public Service shall reside within five miles of the Municipal Building by the end of his or her probationary period. The Administrator, at his or her discretion, may allow such employee to live within eight miles of the Municipal Building. Compensation shall be established by Council. The duties of the Director shall be to perform personnel functions, under administrative direction; direct the activities of the Streets and Utilities Department and records; direct and assist in City right-of-way and utility construction, maintenance and repair functions; and oversee maintenance of all City vehicles. Such duties shall not include projects which Council authorizes to be performed by an outside consulting or engineering firm. Such duties shall include related duties as are consistent with the nature of this office or as are expressly specified, from time to time, by the Mayor or Council.
(Ord. 98-13. Passed 4-23-98; Ord. 2001-14. Passed 6-14-01.)