Rules and regulations respecting taps into the local water lines shall be promulgated from time to time and made available, the same to be consistent with the requirements of the source supplying the water service and any additional requirements adopted from time to time by the Village. The standard tap charge shall be such amount as determined from time to time by the source supplying the water service, together with any additional charge imposed from time to time by the Village for actual services rendered in processing applications for water taps, for inspection and other related services. Respecting water taps to serve any parcels which have had the benefit of deferred assessments, as provided in Section 1040.04, the owner of such parcels may apply for a water tap to serve any portion thereof up to an aggregate of 300 foot frontage without additional charge. As to water taps to serve a portion of such parcels exceeding an aggregate of 300 foot frontage, a surcharge shall be paid computed upon the basis of the number of front feet to be served which exceed 300 front feet, multiplied by the per foot assessment which has been deferred. All standard tap charges and surcharges resulting from deferred assessments shall be paid into a Water Tap and Line Extension Fund, which is hereby created, the same to serve as a rotary fund out of which the Village shall pay the amounts of the deferred assessments from time to time. To initiate such Fund, there is hereby appropriated from the Capital Improvement Fund the sum of thirteen thousand dollars ($13, 000) and any future appropriations thereto shall be by separately enacted resolutions to a maximum of twenty thousand dollars ($20, 000). The Clerk-Treasurer shall maintain a complete record of all water line assessments, indicating the properties upon which assessments have been deferred and the cost per front foot of each line. This record shall be kept up to date and information therefrom made available to all interested parties.
   The installation of all water taps shall be the responsibility of and at the expense of the property owner, under the supervision and subject to the approval of the Street Commissioner.
(Res. 67-24A. Passed 11-16-67. )