The activities which shall be annually inspected, for which a permit fee shall be required, are as follows:
      ACTIVITY               ANNUAL PERMIT FEE
   (a)   Vehicle filling stations.  Any pace,
      building, pump or device operated
      and maintained upon any public
      street, highway or place in the
      City where gas or other motor fuels
      are kept for sale at retail to the
      public.                  $15.00
   (b)   Wholesale bulk stations.  Any place
      where flammable liquids are stored
      in quantities or from which they are
      sold at wholesale or delivered into
      tank trucks or tank cars.  Such
      places shall include marine terminals
      or plats where flammable liquids are
      blended, but shall not include oil
      refineries, paint plants or places
      where tanks are installed for use
      exclusively for the storage of fuel
      oil for use upon the premises.         15.00
   (c)   Wholesale paint stores engaged in
      the handling, storage, dispensing,
      use or sale of bulk flammable liquids.   15.00
   (d)   Paint factories.               25.00
   (e)   Paint spray shops, auto body shops
      and other commercial enterprises
      engaged in spray painting operations.      25.00
   (f)   Auto repair garages which do not
      dispense, sell or store gasoline
      in quantity of more than ten gallons.      15.00
   (g)   Sign shops in silk screen operations.      15.00
   (h)   Chemical manufacturing and storage
      facilities.               25.00
   (i)   Retail paint stores and other retail
      stores engaged in the storing,
      handling, use or sale of bulk
      flammable liquids.            15.00
   (j)   Any person, firm or corporation
      storing liquefied petroleum gas
      (L.P. gas) in containers having a
      capacity in excess of 500 gallons.      25.00
   (k)   Any establishment which manufactures
      or stores matches in excess of
      twenty-five cases.            15.00
   (l)   Any person, firm or corporation
      engaged in the business of repairing,
      servicing or filling any fire
      extinguishers or systems in the City
      of Northwood or other municipalities.   15.00
      ACTIVITY               ANNUAL PERMIT FEE
   (m)   Airports, heliports, helistops and
      hangars.               $25.00
   (n)   Dry cleaning plants.            15.00
   (o)   Public assembly.  All theaters, dance
      halls, public rental halls, skating
      rinks, dining establishments and other
      places of assembly accommodating 100
      or more persons.            25.00
   (p)   Bowling establishments engaged in
      lane refinishing operations involving
      the use of flammable liquids.         25.00
   (q)   Bowling establishments not engaged
      in lane refinishing.            15.00
   (r)   Dust explosion hazards, grain elevators,
      flour, starch or feed mills or plants
      pulverizing aluminum, coal, cocoa,
      magnesium, spices, sugar or other
      material producing dust which, if air
      is mixed in the proper proportions,
      becomes explosive.            25.00
   (s)   Lumber yards and woodworking plants
      which use or store more than 10,000
      board feet of lumber.            25.00
   (t)   Any person, firm or corporation
      storing cylinders or containers used
      in conjunction with welding or cutting
      operations, when more than 2,000 cubic
      feet of flammable compressed gas,
      other than L.P. gas, 300 pounds of
      L.P. gas, or 6,000 cubic feet of
      nonflammable compressed gas is used.   25.00
   (u)   Any person, firm or corporation storing
      or handling combustible fibers
      (including readily ignitable and free-
      burning fibers, such as cotton, sisal,
      henequin, ixtle, jutem hemp, tow, coca
      fiber, oakum, baled waste, baled waste
      paper, kapok, hay, straw, Spanish moss,
      excelsior, certain synthetic fibers
      and other like fibers) in quantities
      in excess of 100 cubic feet.         25.00
   (v)   Any person, firm or corporation engaged
      in melting, casting, heat treating,
      machining or grinding more than
      ten pounds of magnesium per working day.   25.00
      ACTIVITY               ANNUAL PERMIT FEE
   (w)   Any person, firm or corporation
      storing or handling more than
      fifty-five gallons of corrosive
      liquids, or more than 500 pounds
      of oxidizing materials, or more
      than ten pounds of organic
      peroxides, or more than 500 pounds
      of nitromethane, or 1,000 pounds
      or more of ammonium nitrate,
      ammonium nitrate fertilizers
      and fertilizer mixtures, or any
      amount of highly toxic material
      or poisonous gas.            $25.00
   (x)   Fireworks display.  A permittee
      shall post a bond in an amount
      deemed adequate by the Fire Chief
      for the payment of all damages
      which may be caused either to a
      person or persons or to property
      by reason of the permitted display
      and arising from any act of the
      permittee, or his or her agents,
      employees or contractors.  In
      addition to posting such bond,
      a fire inspection permit fee shall
      be paid.
(Ord. 97-14.  Passed 3-27-97.)            25.00