(a)   The Board of Zoning Appeals is hereby declared to be the Board of Appeals for appeals taken under Chapters 623, 634, 1284, 1420, 1448 and 1602 of these Codified Ordinances.
   (b)   The Board shall have all powers and duties as provided for in this chapter and in the general laws of the State. Procedures for appeals shall be as adopted by such Board.
   (c)   Any person adversely affected by a decision of any City official made in the enforcement of any of the chapters enumerated in subsection (a) hereof may appeal such decision to the Board within ten days from the date that notice of such decision was given or mailed to him or her, and may appear before the Board at a time and place fixed by the Board. Such appeal must be in writing. Failure to file a written appeal with the Board within the time prescribed shall constitute a waiver of the right of appeal. The Board shall have the power to approve, amend, modify or reverse any decision of such City official.
   (d)   Appeals from the decisions of the Board shall be to the Court of Common Pleas, as provided by Ohio R.C. Chapter 2506.
(Ord. 2002-45. Passed 8-22-02; Ord. 2004-29.  Passed 9-9-04.)