Applications for amendments to the text of this Zoning Code or to the Official Zoning Map adopted as part of this Zoning Code shall be on standard forms developed by the Zoning Inspector and approved by the City Administrator, and shall be submitted with fees to the Clerk of Council at least fourteen days prior to the next Planning Commission meeting. In addition to an application form, such additional information as site drawings, descriptions of proposed buildings and any other information deemed necessary to determine compliance with this Zoning Code shall be submitted. In the case of proposed amendments to the Official Zoning Map, the application for an amendment shall include a list of all property owners and their mailing addresses who are within, contiguous to or directly across the street from the parcel proposed to be rezoned, along with a statement describing the ways in which the proposed amendment relates to the Comprehensive Plan.
(Ord. 2002-45. Passed 8-22-02)